Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks

Game tay du ky 2 mame

Step on the two buttons to start the fan. Jump on the spear and. Name: Slave Driver Cave. Brick Found in: Satellite Dish. Super Bonus Levels, so no matter how many of those you have, you will still. Characters: Indiana Jones, Short Round. Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks 3 - Three Army Jeeps, Three Armored Jeeps. The skull wall fall breaking the box and likely killing you in the process. Wave 2 - Three Pankot Guards, Three Pankot Swordsmen. This part includes the next 3 stages from Game tay du ky 2 mame of the Crystal Skull Part 2". Jump on the bars of the contraption to. Shoot down all five to. Wrench - Can be used for combat, but is meant for repair jobs. To unlock him, rescue the three villagers in the village, to the right of the village, and to the right of the palace from the two snakes. Use the staff one. Have Marion hop up the ledge and across the Spears to. Abilities: Machine Gun Gun. The Stud Magnet, the Blue Brick extra, is worth. Blast everything in the area.

Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks

Copyright Ziff Davis, LLC. An IGN Entertainment Games site. Just Released: Should You Play Friday the 13th? Far Cry 5 Will Almost Certainly Be Divisive. The Best and Cheapest Fidget Spinners and Cubes. Artboard 6 Artboard 6 Copy. Artboard 6 Copy 4 Artboard 6 Copy 6. Artboard 6 Copy 8. Game Highlights Create Wiki Review Videos Images All Articles. LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues - Walkthrough.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues PS3 Version. E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo. Raiders of the Wiii Ark. The Temple tenple Doom. Kingdom of the Game doi khang one piece cho pc Skull - Part 1. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 2. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 3. Join famous adventurer Indiana Jones as we relive his three. Q: What is Ihdiana Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues?.

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in based around all four. Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?. Q: Would this game be good for my kids? I remember there being a lot of. Any references to religions. As far as positive aspects of the game towards kids, the gameplay. Q: How many people can play? A: Two, Leto no Is it just the first Game tay du ky 2 mame. A: Actually, this game is VERY different from the original LEGO Indy. Everything is retooled from the ground.

Bluw go into rather exhaustive detail about it in Section All your other LEGO FAQs have been for Wii. Control Stick: ELgo your character. Some characters can double jump if you press A again. Circle Button: Use item in hand or interact with environment. Triangle Button: Shift focus to another character. Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu Controls can slightly change depending on your situation.

New Game: Download facebook chat app for nokia x2 01 amp all java j2me a new game. Load Game: Load a previously saved game. Options: Opens Options Menu Audio Volume: Lefo the volume of the audio. Screen V-Sync: Adjusts V-Sync, whatever that is. Motion Blur: With this on, movement will result in a motion blur Resume: Get back to the game.

Options: Opens Options Menu. Exit: Return to the Hub or Warehouse depending on where you are Items are basically things your character can carry around that are not bolted. Many characters come with their own items. Templr them up using Circle. Depending on the item. Happily, you can carry more than one item in this game.

I believe you can. Targeting is a new feature in this release as well. Whereas the last game. Release Square while over that target to throw. Whip - A tepmle leather strand that was originally used to cause minor amounts. Jones has apparently modified it to serve as a grappling hook, tie-up. So, unlike the first game, the whip is actually a proper item that Indy needs. With targeting, tem;le can use the whip for many things. If you target a.

If you target any item on the ground, you can use the whip to. Bue you target any living character, friend or. You can then drag them around to a particular. Pressing Circle while not next to them will detach the whip, but Game doi khang one piece cho pc them. If you find yourself the unfortunate. Carried by: Indiana Jones, Dovchenko. Simply pick them teemple with. Circle then press Circle to set them back temlle again.

Look for more downward. Most of the time, the. Also, you cannot attack while lugging them around Throwable - Mostly, this will be in the form of bar stools or chairs. Bazooka - Just as useful for demolition Levo combat. Each Bazooka has four. Use them on enemies for quick destruction, or use it on shiny. LEGO objects to bust them open.

There is also a more sizeable missile. Carried by: Bazooka Trooper RaidersDietrich, British Commander, Bazooka. Trooper CrusadeGeneral Ross, Russian Officer. If you connect this to an enemy, you will then take. Iwi by: Maharajah, Mola Ram. Book - Books are used to "translate heiroglyphs". Basically, while carrying a. Match that series in order to activate. Carried by: Village Elder, Henry Jones, Brody, Stanforth. Crystal Skull - The eponymous cranial case is kind of an everlasting torch. Dynamite - That special "auto-lighting" dynamite.

Picking up a cluster of. Target and throw and you can even take out inidana. Grenade - Tend to be on the belts of bad guy officers. Simply inviana and throw. Carried by: Enemy Officer DesertRussian Grenadier. Key - Jnoes look like little gold wind-up keys. The "lock" is generally a. Once you place the key using Circle, press and hold. Circle again to turn the device Machine Gun - A rapid-fire long-range weapon.

Fires in bursts of 3 for a. You can find this with certain bad jpnes. Carried by: Major Toht, Lao Che, Enemy Soldier Machine GunPanama Hat Man. Donovan, Russian Machine Gunner. Perfume - Toss this purple bottle of olfactory delight and enemies will cease. Carried by: Willie, Dancing Girl. Pistol - This is ot standard six-shot pistol. In addition to putting holes. To properly use it, put some distance. Carried by: Sherpa Brawler, Enemy Soldier DesertShanghai Hoodlum, Enemy. Guard, Enemy Pilot, Colonel Vogel, Mac, Russian US DisguiseHangar Guard.

Rifle - Yet another long-range dooom. A few later soldiers will carry this. In the end, it works the same as a pistol, except it holds 12 shots Shovel - Indiwna be used for combat, but is meant for excavation. Hold Circle near these piles to unearth. Dopm by: Sallah, Satipo, Russian Digger, Ugha Digger. Spear - Tend to be a weapon of indigenous Game tay du ky 2 mame. A nice traditional weapon.

Look for white circles on the wall with an orange triangle above and. Carried by: Hovitos Tribesman, Thuggee Acolyte, Cemetery Warrior, Ugha. Staff of Ra - Originally used to pinpoint the exact location of the Well of. Souls in Raiders, this can wki cause a good amount of blunt damage if swung. Just make sure you aim. Most enemies will fall with jpnes. Furthermore, it can be used as a puzzle implement. Carried by: Masked Bandit, Bandit Swordsman, Thuggee, Pankot Lefo, Hatay. King, Grail Knight, Agent Spalko.

Torch - Used to burn things, mostly dynamite fuses. Can also be used as an. If carrying one, creepy crawlies on the ground will. Water Bottle - Water bottles are used for dousing fire, particularly obvious. Target and throw the patch of fire to toss the bottle at. Wrench - Can be used for combat, but is meant for repair jobs. Hold Circle near these engines to. Carried by: Jock, Captain Katanga, Short Round, Coronado Sailor, Mutt. There are a couple of other items that are specific to one or two characters.

I mention them in the Characters indianna at the bottom, teemple making. This is for quick reference of things to remember. If you want a more. Lay waste to the area and rack up an awesome. It really clears the area out. Studs are available in four denominations, each worth a different multiple of. Studs can be hidden in the darnedest of areas. Make sure to check behind. Bircks, this seriously does warrant its own section, because they changed. The game opens in the warehouse from the end idiana Raiders and the beginning.

In the beginning, one crate will open, allowing you access to. The major parts of this game are. The fifteen question marks in the top doomm the menu are the missions in the. The top row is the Story Mission set, the second row is the Treasure. Once you find these within the indians, you can access them. In the upper-left corner of the menu is the record of your progress with.

Treasure and Power Bricks. Note that this game now has sets of red, green. The bottom part of the menu is for characters and vehicles. Ark, and the Creator. After that, playsets will unlock in chronological order. Starting the Story The Hub. When you first reach a hub, you will more than likely be in a confined space. Just follow the arrows. As you progress through the Story Missions, more of the hub will open up to.

Green arrows lead to Story Missions. Sometimes it will be more than two. Each mission has its own requirement for completion, but Game doi khang one piece cho pc of them follow. Exploration Mission - Proceed through the puzzles to reach the end. Combat Mission - Fight off waves of bad guys. Boss Mission - Naturally winds up a set of missions. Once you beat a Story Mission, there will still be an arrow pointing temlpe its. The difference is that the arrow will now be yellow. The rules have changed in a Treasure Mission.

First of all, unlike Inxiana. Since you take the. Usually, this will be only ijdiana stipulations, but sometimes the game will get. For instance, if they mention needing a. Solve the puzzles and find. Once you complete the mission, the arrow pointing to it in the Hub will. These are missions hidden throughout the Hub, and the means to access them. Entry may require buying certain characters or. Once you complete it once, you can always return or access it.

These are no longer in missions, but scattered throughout a Hub. Specifically, there are three sets of ten Power Bricks each in a Hub, each. They are hidden, though, and. Each set is hidden. For instance, in Crystal Part 1, all the Red Power Bricks are hidden. Like most hidden stuff, you may not be able to find all the bricks without.

Once you find all ten of any set, the "Extra" is parachuted in to b,ue particular. You need to walk up to it and purchase it often. Then, you can pause the game, access the Extras Menu, and turn the Extra off. Typically, Red Power Bricks refer to score multipliers, Greens refer to silly. Treasures and Super Bonus Levels. Five Tempoe Missions and five Bonus Levels blje each playset add up to a. As you find Treasures, they are woi in a.

Once you get all ten, indiama can use the. Fortunately, there are plenty of purple. As a final bit of good news, once you pass the one million threshold, you. CAN FINALLY KEEP THE STUDS. The only caveat to that is that score multipliers cannot be used for. Super Bonus Levels, so no matter how many of those you have, you will still. In past games, there was one major character bank where you bought all the.

Not so much in LEGO. You now have to wander around the Hub to find them. You may even be required to solve certain puzzles to access them At that point, you can purchase that enemy. Attaining True Adventurer only relates to your. So, anyway, all fifteen missions in any playset Story, Treasure, Bonus have. Once you hit the mark, you cannot lose that. Some of the dpom can be pretty stringent, and you might need at least the.

Leho notify which missions might have a. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Setup - The western area is a Tibetan mountainside. A large portion of the. A bridge to the. The island where the Ark was opened Geheimhaven is. Restricted Areas - You can access most of this area from the get go, except. The fenced-in airstrip in the desert. Indiana Jones Crystal Skull. Available from the beginning. Available after Raven Rescue. Sherpa Brawler - 15, Just outside of Game tay du ky 2 mame tavern after Raven Rescue Available after Market Mayhem.

Masked Bandit - 17, Available after Market Mayhem, just outside Cairo Army Jeep - 30, Once you unlock Sallah, dig it out of the sand just east of Cairo Passenger Jet -Once you unlock Sallah, dig the plane out near the tavern Captain Katanga - 25, Once you unlock any plane, go to the Hovitos island to the northeast. Use the crank near the top of the temple twice to rotate the lever at the.

Fly the race to make. Bazooka Trooper Raiders - 30, Once you unlock the Army Jeep, beat the race just to the southeast of Cairo. Bandit Swordsman - 27, Once you unlock someone with explosives, blow up the gate at the camel. After you unlock a soldier of some sort, use the security hut southwest of. Once you unlock someone with explosives, go to the Hovitos island to the. Hovitos Tribesman - 30, Blue Speedboat - 20, Green Speedboat - 20, After unlocking the Hovitos Indianz, use his Spears on the winch near.

After unlocking either of the Speedboats, ondiana it to the nearby race. Enemy Soldier Desert - 15, After Map Room Mystery, just outside the Well of Souls U-Boat 26 - 30, After After the Ark, bring someone with explosives to Geheimhaven and blow. Major Toht - 50, Torch from up the stairs and set it there to melt the snowman Colonel Dietrich - 75, Smash it to find.

After Belloq Battle, head back tempke Geheimhaven and reassemble him Enemy Officer Desert - 25, Flying Wing - Game tay du ky 2 mame, You need Inidana for this. Put the yellow trmple in the light fixture. Enemy Boxer - 20, You need the Flying Wing. Take off with indiaba Wing with both characters in it. Shoot down all five to. Red Bricks - Brown Barrels. After purchasing someone with a gun or Map Room Mystery and taking a gun.

After After the Ark:. Use the whip switch to drop it. Reassemble the light fixture, then use. Extra: Score Leog 2, Green Bricks - Christmas Trees. Extra: Poo Money 60, With this extra, if riding an animal, press. Blue Bricks - Satellite Dishes. Extra: Fast BuildStarting Characters - Indiana Jones, Jock. Characters - Indiana Jones, Marion. At just about any.

Hold off the bad guys until Toht starts using the beam again. Now, note the lit-up portion of each track on the floor. Push each dish onto. Next follows another machine gun barrage, only one of the Sherpas will be. To properly take him down, tie him up with the whip. Once Toht moves back to beams, push the two dishes to the.

Toht will now jump. With Marion on your team, you can now go just west of the Cairo location and. Use the Key on the door to the. Characters - Indiana Jones DesertSallah. Wave 1: Five Masked Bandits. Wave 2: Five Enemy Soldiers Desert. Masked Bandits will continue to harrass. Use a Sword or Pistol to clear the area quickly. Wave 3: Eight Enemy Soldiers Desert and two green-clad Camel Riders.

Wave 4: Two black-clad Riflemen and eight Masked Bandits. Wave 5: Five Bandit Swordsmen. The game will tell you this, but you need to. Take out the first three on the ground, then go to the back right of. Wik up and deal with the last two Head south from Cairo and dig dom the area near the Sphinx Map Room Mystery Howeer, a Purple hiding behind some of the map.

Characters - Indiana Jones Desert DisguiseSallah Desert. Also, smash the walls back here to assemble the rest of the statue. This will let you jump. Take the Torch and Garena gcash generator it to the snake. Now, use the whip target in the bottom right, then smash the statue.

Now, head to the platform on the. Aim the beam at the. Put together the whip target, then yank on it to pull indiaha a block. Now, use the Staff, which will open. You have lost Sallah, but now have Marion Evening Dress Have Marion punch out all the snakes in the area. Grab the Torches on the. The one on the right pulls out a. Throw the Game doi khang one piece cho pc at a hole. The other Spear on the back wall can be whipped, so use. Have Marion hop up the ledge and across the Spears to.

Have Indy hop on while she has it pulled down. Use the whip to rope the soldiers off their horses, then have both Indy and. Leap them across the downed bridge, then step on both. Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks the Ark TA k - Standard procedure for Vehicles: Find powerups before getting. Characters - Indiana Jones, Sallah Desert. Wave 1 - Four Gunner Jeeps.

Ditch the horse as soon bluue possible and hop. Wave 2 - Two Gunner Jeeps and two Trucks. Once the jeeps are down, look for a. Wave 3 - Two Trucks and two more Gunner Jeeps. You now have tan Gunner Jeeps as a ride. Wave 4 - The Ark Truck. Smash into it with your own truck, then climb aboard. Run it down with the Ark!. Smash up the boxes near the water and assemble the rope tow. After the ride, walk up to the opening site Should cover most of it Characters - Indiana Jones Army DisguiseMarion Nightgown.

All those lightning bolts. The way to avoid all this mayhem is. Make your way to the east and remove the barrel once. First, use Marion to jump up to the. Use the two nearby whip targets and climb up the ramps, then the rope to the. Now, make your way to the west side and hop up to the high ledge. Now, the spirit is on the ropes. Get under a barrel and move up to the weird. Have yemple characters stand on the buttons and that should do.

Needed: Sword Masked BanditExplosives Bazooka Trooper Raiders. TA 33k - There are purples in plain sight, so use them Throw your Sword at the rope to drop stuff temmple make some tables so you can. Blast the two drums and the hanging drum with your explosives. With the barrels in place and the button pushed, go up the stairs and grab. Needed: Spear Hovitos TribesmanStaff of Ra Belloq. TA 24k - Just clean up the main area. That should be enough To begin with using our Hovitos friend, use a Spear on a socket to the right.

First, head to the left side and punch up a gray box to. Further, head to the indlana. Now, situate Belloq on the light spot and lndiana shining light to brickd. The second dish on the right should be facing west. The last dish should be facing. Needed: Whip IndySword Masked Bandit. Smash up the map area to find a Wrench, then use it on the engine to raise a. Place the box, then use the parts to construct an arm. To place it, you first need a lift. Sword on the rope on the left side to drop parts for a lever.

Hop Indy onto the front end, then have him whip the. Vehicle missions are about popping ten blue balloons to make the Treasure. Balloon 1: West of the start high above a bridge. This is probably one of. Get a Jump powerup, then drive from. Balloon 2: Leap from a ramp at the western rocks. The ramp has a Boost in. Balloon 3: In the market area on the west side, brickss some buildings and.

Balloon 4: In the market area on the west Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks, on top of a fountain. Balloon 5: East of Balloon 4 is a ramp over the river, where indian one floats. Balloon 6: At the far south end high above a bridge. Balloon 7: At the southwest corner of the bule. Balloon 8: Southeast of the starting point above a wooden platform.

Balloon 9: In the eastern excavation area is a ramp leading to all the. Balloon At the far east excavation area, at the very end Needed: Spear Hovitos BrcksShovel Sallah. Use Sallah to dig up the dirt under the tempke skull, which makes a mess, but at. Push the box off and assemble the ramp. Now, drive the bulldozer up to the vehicle button Entry: Buy a ground vehicle of some kind and drive up the mountain to the. Enter the shack at the top TA 51k - Plenty hidden in corners and the like.

Be sure to use the water. Characters: Indiana Jones, Satipo. Head to the right up the stairs, then spin the crank at the far right to fill. Swim to the north then step on the two buttons to. Head west then undiana with the moving platforms, then turn. Go north and step on the next two. Now, you can reach the two switches. Entry: You need Belloq in order to enter the enclosed airstrip. Once inside, throw the switch to open it TA 6k - Try to stay out of the lava if you can help it. Characters: Indiana Jones, Jock.

Jump to the right across the traps, then find the Spear at the wio right end. Throw it at the hole on the back bule, right side, then climb up to the. On the left side, hop across the platforms, avoiding the trap idol. Use the whip to grab the Spear, then Game tay du ky 2 mame back and. Push the box into place and hop up. Go left across the sawblades to get a gun, then shoot the target Game doi khang one piece cho pc open the. Now you can get up elevators in the.

Entry: You need someone with explosives. Head northeast to the Hovitos island. TA 50k - There Spb shell 3d free download for nokia n8 two lodes you need to consider yourself with. At the light beams, go south across the platforms, but. Use it to raise a platform to the south. Characters: Indiana Jones, Sallah. Climb up the stairs and whip across at the south wall to find three Spears for.

Cross the Indiaana and head further to the right. Use Sallah to dig up the push tracks so you can move the temle, hop over the. Have both characters stand. Throw the switch at the end to lower the lava a bit. Smash up the skeletons. Download firmware samsung s6310 dxame1 now have to go two different paths Left path: Take out the Hovitos, then dig up the push tracks.

Head through, push the box, and hop over to the. Right path: Turn north with the path, then te,ple to the north across the gap. Head west then south, then push the box east so that Sallah can get through. Indixna some dynamite and toss it at the shiny wall. The way is now open to the Treasure Have Sallah dig up the ladder, climb up and swing across to turn the crank. Now, ride the bike through the door, and avoid the. Drive onto the vehicle button, which will raise a platform you.

On this side, have Sallah dig up the ladder bricis assemble it, then. Drive the bike onto the new vehicle. Entry: You must purchase U-Boat Drive it to the north of its main dock. TA 15k - Plenty lying around. Head to the right, smashing bushes so the light beams can pass. Use the whip switch behind some bushes on the left, and shoot a Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks at. You should now have a full set of ramps leading up.

The ten treasures are placed at the south of the desert area, near the. Assemble the device bficks throw the switch to blow open. Characters: Indiana Jones Crystal SkullMutt. Grab a vehicle and cruise around, collecting a million studs. There are horses in the southeast corner, and you. THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. Setup - Shanghai is the northeastern portion. The Pankot region dominates. Further south of that is Pankot Palace. Below that is the entrace to the.

Further east is the canyon and its rope. Other areas are mainly ihdiana. Once you beat Lao. Chase, you pretty much have Legl run of the entire area, and the gate to. The only missing piece is a small patch of mountain land. Available at the beginning. Available after Lao Che Chase. Junk Boat - 35, Available after Lao Che Chase, sitting in the water at the south end Dancing Girl - 25, Once you buy the Junk Boat, take it to the race just east of its dock Chinese Hoodlum - 15, These will all be in Shanghai.

Lao Che - 50, After buying the Rickshaw, complete the nearby race with it Found at the village after Monkey Mischief. Village Elder - 75, After Monkey Mischief, there are three villagers that are being harrassed. One is in the village, one is further north on the rocks, sii. Smash all the snakes to make the Elder. Stunt Plane temoleAfter Monkey Mischief, take the elephant and put it on the vehicle button.

British Commander - Leho, After purchasing the Stunt Plane, fly to the race above Shanghai and. After purchasing British Commander, blast the chains holding down the. After purchasing British Commander, blast the metal door to Leo west of. Tuk Tuk - 20, Indian Farmer - 20, After purchasing the Tractor run the Tractor race to the east Pankot Assassin - 20, After Malice in the Palace, he can be found in front of the palace Thuggee Acolyte - 25, After Temple Tantrum, they can be found near the temple Mola Ram -After Mola Rampage, drop down into the canyon and reassemble him Red Room - Scorpion on a Rock.

After Lao Che Chase:. After purchasing Stunt Plane:. Extra: Score x6 4, Green Brciks - Bronze Fence Post. Extra: Ice Rink 30, Blue Bricks - Clay Urn. Extra: Stud MagnetBegin by having Willie jump up at the marked spot to step on a button and. Carry that over to the south and have Indy whip it. TA 25k - Seems low for a vehicle mission, which of course means that there.

Seek ye them powerups Characters - Indiana Jones Dinner SuitShort Round. Wave 1 - Four Tuk Tuks. Wave 2 - Two Gangster Cars, Two Rickshaws, Two Motor Scooters. Unless you really want to blie shotgun on a Tuk. Wave 3 - Four Motor Scooters, Three Armored Cars. For the cars, hijack a. Rickshaw, from which you can throw dynamite. You can switch up to a Tuk Tuk, since gunning him.

Grab the raft and float downstream. Get off at the end then head west and. Characters - Indiana Jones, Willie Leog SuitShort Round. Oh the MONKEYS took the stones. Anyway, the point of this mission. So Game doi khang one piece cho pc Short Round fix the engine near the. This will cause bkue to flow in the. Monkey 1: On top of a nearby palm tree. Monkey 2: Take the Torch from the back wall near the pot, then use it on the. Assemble the scaffolding then turn the key.

Have Willie hop across the. Now, get a banana. Monkey 3: To the east of Monkey 2 is a weak wooden roof that can be dropped. Use the Sword inside to cut the rope blocking your way out, then take. In the eastern area is a wall that can be. Crawl through the vent behind it with Short Round, then have. Have Indy pull down the whip switch to grab the. Shovel, then hop into the elephant enclosure, dig up the pieces, and put. Ride the elephant to the east to. Take the nearby elephant south, then west to Indianw Palace.

Malice at the Palace TA 22k - This one had me stumped for a while, but the means to do it. Characters - Indiana Jones, Willie Evening DressShort Round. Wave Lefo - Six Pankot Guards. Wave 2 - Three Pankot Guards, Three Pankot Swordsmen. Throw cups off the. Wave 3 - Indina Pankot Swordsmen, Two Thuggee Riflemen, One Pankot Assassin. Use the whip to drop the Riflemen to your level, and duel the Assassin with.

Wave 4 - Three Pankot Swordsmen, Five Pankot Assassins. More of the same. Drop down south and enter the temple TA 45k - The motherlode is in the back right corner. Smash down the wall. Be sure to poke behind the walls Characters - Indiana Jones, Willie CeremonyShort Round. Your Game doi khang one piece cho pc here is to snap our beloved Maharajah from his Black Sleep. First, head west with Willie and climb up the ladder, jump across.

Climb up with Short Round and enter the vent. Wait for the bluw two. Use this Key on the winch in the middle of the room. This releases one of. Place the gear to the right on one of the green axles. You need to get indiwna other indiaan, now. Punch up some of the Thuggee Acolytes. Now use the "Thuggee Statue" in.

This falls away to reveal an elevator to Blue Gear. The final gear is on the far right. Climb up the ladder. Have Shorty fix up the gears Take control of the Maharajah and use his Black Sleep on the guard in the. Have the guard throw the switch, then jump up. TA 30k - The inidana purples very obviously in the area should have you. Characters: Indiana Jones KaliShort Round. This is a lot cooler than the bridge lndiana. This gives Shorty an.

Once at the top, blie Mola Ram. Water Bottle, crawl, whip. Sure, Kali mixes it up a bit with some. TA 28k - Difficult given the small amount of studs. Rely on powerups to. Balloon 1: On the left side of the buildings in the east area. Balloon 2: On the railing on the north wall west of the entrance. Balloon 3: In the market area in the northwest corner, between some stalls. Balloon 4: In the market area in the northwest corner, on a raised platform.

Balloon 5: In the alley along the west wall. Balloon 6: Above the ramp west of the open square. Balloon 7: On the ramp south of the open square. Balloon 8: In the southeast corner near the fountain. Balloon 9: On the platform in the northeast corner. Balloon On the right side tempe the buildings in the east area Wrong Gong Rung Needed: Brlcks Indiana JonesExplosives British Commander. TA 25k - The purple here is inside the cabin that the Thuggees hide in Use the Bazooka to blow up shiny stuff, specifically the cage blocking the.

Needed: Whip Indiana JonesSword Thuggee. TA 18k - Be sure to hang from the elephant statue tusks for a few blues. Drag each one over to a button until. Lava Lake - 60k. Needed: Book Village ElderSpear Thuggee Acolyte. TA 60k - The vast majority is found once you get on the lava You need to collect five boxes to put on the green panels. The Thuggees are just in panic mode, and the soldiers are. Box 1: Right near the cage. Box 2: Head left and use Spears on the sockets Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks climb the back wall, then.

Box 3: At the far left, indianaa up the ladder bridks the Elder and head to the. Box 4: Go to the back right corner and smash down the wall. Box trmple Ride up the elevator near the middle and head to the back and stand. Have the other character operate the crank at ground Game tay du ky 2 mame. Throw a Spear at the socket on the wall, then hop across to the. Assemble the raft and float to the Bficks. Needed: Sword ThuggeeSpear Thuggee Acolyte. Toss Spears on the three sockets to the right.

Climb up the ledges and. Throw a Sword at the rope on the right to climb up the. Keep going left until you come across a. Stand on it to blow up some bdicks Game tay du ky 2 mame and uncover another rope. Ride the scaffolding up, then go left across the. Throw it at the pile of shiny rocks. Climb up then move left.

Entry: You need the British Commander. Blast open the main door and enter TA 26k - Check the front walls. Fortunately, the purple is in a rather. Characters: Indiana Jones, Short Round. Have Short Round crawl through Lrgo vent and fix the engine to get the platforms. Ride up and head across the blade traps. Head east, then down across. Climb up and push the box so you can leap over the fire. Throw Swansoft cnc simulator software free download switch to get platforms moving, then cross and use the whip switch.

Entry: You need the Village Elder and his Book. The cave is on bric,s south. Drop down and grab a Grenade. Push the box so you can climb back up to the. Toss it at one of the far wall. Now, have Short Round go through the vent. Turn the crank to raise. Hop across the raised platforms and grab another Spear at the far. Toss it into the socket near the back jknes and climb up to the top so. NOTE: If you want to shorten this bblue, you only need one Spear and the water. Chuck the one Spear at the lower socket, then jump from it around.

Slave Driver Cave Entry: Use a Thuggee-type to move the Thuggee statue behind the village. The Maharajah works and is free TA 14k - You can always go back later to get studs. Focus on the actual. Characters: Indiana Jones, Maharajah. The idea is to beat a rolling rock to the end of an. Pull the first switch, then watch out for the blades as you.

At the end, use the whip switch quickly before it hits. The Game doi khang one piece cho pc leg is pretty much the same thing, only a bit. Entry: Buy the Stunt Plane and parachute onto the snowy area west of. Head up the stairs and throw the crank to drop the ihdiana so you can jump. Take the Bazooka inside, then head out on the path that. Blast the shiny barrels at the bottom and throw the switch to. Have the Maharajah climb up the.

Smash up stuff and collect studs. Bazooka and blast the metal chest for a Shovel so you can dig up more stuff. Throw the Spears plus the. Go through the door that should now be open. Push all the boxes into the trench so that when you. Entry: Take a character with a sword and throw it at the rope hanging west. TA 9k - Should be more than enough just on the south side Characters: Indiana Jones, British Commander.

Grab the two Spears with idniana whip and toss them on the right wall to cross. Use the crank to extend platforms to make a bricls back. Climb up the ladder. Wrench and fix the engine to get platforms moving on the left side. Throw the switch, which opens a gate on. Stand on that button while the. Grab all ten Treasures then head to the southwest area where a pirate ship. Characters: Indiana Jones Crystal SkullMac. Not much to say about this one, except that there are probably a lot more.

The southwestern area is Venice. The only other point of interest is an island in indiaha south just west of the. The beginning puts you on the ship fo the water. Once you complete Coronado. Available from the beginning Available after Coronado Caper Coronado Sailor ojnes 25, After Coronado Caper, found on the small island at the south end of the map After Coronado Caper, you can find this just south of your starting point.

Remember that you need a character with a Shovel to paddle this Venice Speedboat - 25, After Coronado Caper, you can find this east of your starting point Green Speedboat - 25, After Coronado Caper, found north of your starting point After Coronado Caper, go to Castle Brunwald and smash the bush to the left. Use this Key to open Game doi khang one piece cho pc water gate to.

Now, purchase the Green Speedboat and start the race. Available after Brunwald Blaze Enemy Guard - 15, After Brunwald Blaze, this guy is found outside blhe castle Staff Car - 40, After purchasing an enemy soldier, use the security hut to the southeast of. Brunwald near the road to uncover this Bazooka Trooper Crusade - 30, Panama Hat Man - 50, After you purchase Bazooka Trooper Crusadehead to the far south island.

After joness purchase Bazooka Trooper Crusadego the northern desert area and. Turn the crank several times to release the plane Enemy Pilot - 20, After you purchase the Biplane, fly to the southwest to find the race. Only problem is that. Enemy Soldier Machine Gun - 20, After Cannon Canyon, this is sitting right in front of the Temple of johes Sun Game doi khang one piece cho pc Vogel - 50, You need either a Bazooka Trooper or the Tank.

Blast that and four more will pop up. Two to the west, one to the north. Which of the two. Grail Knight - 45, Hatay King - 25, After unlocking the Grail Knight, chuck his sword at the camel enclosure. Red Bricks - Red Flower Seeds, walk over blye spots to make flowers sprout. You need to find seeds that sprout red flowers. Extra: Score x8 6, Green Bricks - Red and White Pylons. Extra: Beep Beep 25, Blue Bricks - Pink and Blue Lounge Chairs. Dropping right on the ship, use the whip switch so you temlpe up from the.

The brricks is front and left, quite visible. Characters - Indiana Jones, Sallah Fez. Ah yes, the classic battle with Panama Hat Man. If you want to avoid being. No, that takes some work First, smash up the crates in the upper-right corner, including whipping down. Assemble all the myriad pieces together to make a harpoon. For the second heart, whip the box behind the door PHM just opened. Smash the two green drums to make parts.

Now, turn the nearby switch to blow. PHM off with a foghorn. For the last part, smash up all the objects that are now on the deck to find. Whip to the lowest one, then jump to the higher one. Have Elsa grab onto the lever on the left side and Indy whip the. Stand on both buttons. TA 26k - Make sure you take the time to do extra little things, like. Characters - Indiana Jones, Henry Jones. Whip-swing across to the. At the back of the room. Assemble the railing nearby, then grab.

Place the box and assemble the ladder. Climb up and templd the armor off the edge. Reassemble it at the bottom, then. Drive jonfs to the mission TA 50k - A tough one. Requires you to die as little as possible. Characters - Indiana Jones OfficerHenry Jones. Wave 1 - Five Enemy Guards. Wave 2 - Four Enemy Guards, Two Enemy Machine Gunners. To beat up the. Wave 3 jines Two Enemy Machine Gunners, Four Heavy Soldiers.

Wave 4 - Four Motorcycles, Four Heavy Soldiers. Tank to enter the next mission Wave 1 - Two Gunner Jeeps. Dump the animal and grab Legk nearby cars to start. Wave 2 - Two Gunner Jeeps, Three Trucks. Grab a tan truck and join the fun. Wave 3 - Three Army Jeeps, Three Armored Jeeps. Stay in the truck for this. Wave 4 - Four Army Jeeps. The Tank will start raining death down on you, so. Wave 5 - The Tank. You need to grab a Mine Layer vehicle, which is a small. Lay mines in front of the Tank to demolish it Now that Henry has his Grail Diary, you can have Sallah dig out the path to.

Purples are placed in good locations Hop past the blade traps. Use the whip on the Key and use it on the crank to. Use the whip switch below him man takes spike traps. Once both statues are in joes, the trap floor will appear. In the next room, Levo each character grab the ropes on the lion statues to. At the end, Donovan will become the Grail Wind Demon thingy. It cannot normally be touched, but the Missile Launchers brifks the area are a.

There are three dig spots for Sallah Game doi khang one piece cho pc two whip switches. These all release something shiny. Wait for Donovan to suck them up into his whirlwind, then fire to. Crab Cake Confusion Needed: Sword Grail KnightGun Enemy Guard. TA blur - Well, there are no enemies to kill you, brucks the amount of studs is. Switch the Sword guy and hop across the boxes, then throw the. Sword at the rope with the balloons, which gets rid of the crab.

Needed: Explosives Bazooka Trooper CrusadeFemale High Jump Elsa. Blast everything in the blje. The idea here is to use Water Bottles to put. First, to FIND the Water Bottles. Use Elsa to hop up to. Head to the left with it and put it. Douse all ten fires. Needed: Shovel SallahWrench Coronado Sailor. Bblue 18k - Should wwii juuuust enough to get 18, The idea behind this one is to get all your vehicles onto all the vehicle. First, smash up the stuff near the exit to find a Bazooka, then.

Grab the motorcycle brickw drive up the ramps to. The second button requires you to jump on a. Fix the truck with your. Wrench and drive onto the center button. For the last one, the toughest. TA k - That big payoff from last time is still there in the last area. Balloon 1: On a rock in the first area. Balloon 2: Off a ramp in the second area. Balloon inxiana In the west part of the third area, on a ramp. Balloon 4: In the south part of the third area, on a ramp.

Balloon 5: In the bricls part of the third area. Balloon indianq In the northeast part of the third area, on brickx ramp. Balloon 7: In the west part of the last area. Balloon 8: Also in the bircks part of the last area. Balloon 9: In the middle of the last area. Balloon Drive to the far east of oof last area, then north up the slope. Needed: Whip Indiana JonesSword Grail Knight. The idea here is to find a bunch of chalices and return them to the bpue wall.

There are ten altogether Chalice 1, 2, 3: Grab the Shovel and dig up the three dig spots. Chalice 4, 5: In the two bushes in the back. Chalice 6, 7: Use the whip switches on either side of the room to drop them. Chalice 8, 9: Use the Sword on the ropes on either side to raise the cage. Chalice Use the whip switch over the font to find the last one Entry: You need someone with a Book, like Henry Jones after Cannon Canyon.

Brlcks to the library in the middle of Venice and decipher the heiroglyphs TA 24k - There are plenty of studs to fine, not to mention a purple on the. Characters: Indiana Jones, Brody. Go to the right and assemble the push tracks, brickks push the box to the. Jump and roll up to the ledge, then leap out to the rope and snag the. Now stand on both buttons to raise a. Entry: You need Sallah, who you can only use in Venice after Berlin Brawl. The southeast beach of Venice has a dig spot, so dig up and assemble a crank.

Characters: Indiana Jones, Elsa. Hop up brcks the top-left with Elsa and turn the crank to raise a platform. Cross and use the whip switch on the back wall near the gate to open jonnes. Hop up to the crank with Elsa, which will release the boulder to the north. Proceed up to that ramp and grab a Sword. Head to the left and toss Lebo Sword. Toss it at the socket on the left so Indy can climb up to. Alternatively, just use Indy to grab the Spear with his whip and save yourself.

Entry: You need someone with a Book, like Henry Jones after Cannon Canyon, and. Decipher the heiroglyphs in Berlin to open the airport. Pull the whip switch and climb up the ramp. Dig Game tay du ky 2 mame the push tracks and push. For the second, dig up a ladder in the southwest. Take the Qii and undiana. This starts up a fan nearby so float up and turn the crank to raise some. Throw it and platforms above will start. Cross the platforms to the left to reach the Treasure Entry: Temp,e need the Biplane or Zeppelin.

Fly over Castle Brunwald and. Push the green panels together and step on. TA 26k - The stud trails on the wio have a purple in them, as well as. Characters: Indiana Jones, Henry Jones. Decipher the heiroglyphs to open the nearby gate, then punch up the soldier. Shoot the targets in the back wall, which will raise a. Go dolm grab the Sword and use it to cut the rope. Take one and use it to open the.

You now have two more targets to shoot. After shooting the two targets, hop onto. Jump up to the. Entry: You need someone with a gun. On the road south of Brunwald is a. Shoot all three to open a Game tay du ky 2 mame in the canal Head to the right and whip the Spear on the wall near the arrow and toss. Beat up the soldier behind it and take.

Shoot the target to get ov moving and eii them to the. Hop across the platforms to the north end ttemple the area to grab the Treasure Once you find all ten Treasures, head to the coom end just south of Berlin. One special thing here: Drive over all the vehicle buttons blhe a platform. KINGDOM OF Oof CRYSTAL SKULL - PART 1.

Setup - This area opens in Marshall College and the surrounding city, which. There is also a smaller military base at the west end The opening puts you just in the small area in front of Marshall College, the. After Doom Town, the entire area. Available from the beginning, in the city area. Smash Game doi khang one piece cho pc the doors. Available after Hangar Havoc. Russian US Disguise - 15, Available after Doom Town, in the military base in the south area Mannequin Man - 10, Mannequin Woman - 10, Mannequin Boy - 7, Mannequin Girl - 7, Available after Doom Town, go back to the area and use the Water Bottles to.

Bric,s zombie mannequins will then. Available after A to z new bhojpuri movie video song Chaos. Available after Cafe Chaos, in the city area Hot Rod - 30, Available after Ibdiana Chaos, just to the west of Marshall College Available after you buy the Hot Rod.

Run the race right near the train. Fire Truck - 40, Available after Cafe Chaos, near the gas station in the center. Sabre Jet -Available after Cafe Chaos, in the military base. Have Mutt fix the. Available after Motorbike Mayhem, in the west part of the city area Available after Motorbike Mayhem, right where you picked it up in the first. General Ross - 35, Available after purchasing the Sabre Jet. Fly the jet to over Doom Town to. The race is in a general counter-clockwise. Russian Digger - 30, Fly the jet over the fenced-in.

The digger comes out of. After purchasing General Ross, have him blow open the metal doors near the. Hangar Guard - 15, Ice Cream Truck - 30, After purchasing Russian Digger, go east of the fenced-in base to find a. Once you dig one up, whack them dpom to make these. Fridge Car - 35, After purchasing Russian Brixks, dig the fridge out of the western city.

College Female - 30, After ihdiana the Fridge Car, bricsk to the Doom Town area Game doi khang one piece cho pc start the. This Leg your reward on completion Red Bricks - Fire Hydrants. After Purchasing Sabre Jet:. Extra: Score x2 1, Green Bricks - Flower Pots specifically little flower bunches in a gray. Use a ladder indianaa fire lf to climb. Blue Bricks - Lime Green Cacti. Extra: Fast FixSmash open the nearby blue.

Throw it at the monkey in the nearby tree target. Use it on the nearby device to open the way. To get to it. Characters - Indiana Jones Crystal SkullMac. Take the nearby box and place it on the green panel so you can hop up to the. On the other side, bust up the crates until you find two with. Put the boxes on.

Now to activate this guy. Take a staff each, stand in the light spot, and press Circle to focus. Direct it on the yellow dishes and the statue will come to life and. Assemble the statue pieces to make steps, then take the Water Bottles near. Throw the bottle where Game tay du ky 2 mame can bullseye the fire on the. You need to do this twice before you can hop over. Chuck three at the. Now, head to that. Jump indiaa the right and push.

Mac will now replaced with Janitor Take the jeep and drive it to one of the vehicle buttons to the east. AI partner should stand on the other, opening the crate and jpnes a. Drive it onto the other vehicle button, which will open the gate to. This will Game doi khang one piece cho pc a nearby ladder. Now, go up to Dovchenko. What you need to do. Have both characters step on the buttons in the back, which will fire up the.

Hit him three times to finish Characters: Indiana Jones Crystal SkullJanitor. First find two objects to place on the green. These will create push plates for the dresser so you can move it. Head upstairs and left into the bathroom. Smash the back wall near the tub. Put the Key in the device. Climb up to the attic, then head foom, assemble the box if push it jnoes the end.

Jump up and grab the rope to lower a bunch of stuff to the. Smash and assemble to put together a. Once outside, grab the teple and then drop down to the yard if you fall first. Put the box on the panel, then assemble the lawnmower to get it running into. Now, use the whip target on the nearby shed, and take the Shovel. Use it to dig up the dig spot in the lower-right corner and grab some. Throw it at the big lock on the fridge and get inside TA 8k - The smallest, yet tough.

Make sure you smash up all the stuff near. Wave 1 - Six Agents. Wave 2 - Three Machine Gun Agents. Either Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks stools at them or tie them. Wave 3 - Three Machine Gun Agents, Three Agents. Nothing special about this. Head northwest from the diner to find a motorcycle on bric,s lift.

Stud Magnet for a short amount of time, in addition to whatever the powerup. Explore behind and through things for purples Wave 1 - Three Motorbikes. I would ditch the bike and grab a car, if for no. Wave 2 - Two Motorbikes, Two Cars. Wave brcks - Three Cars, Two Vans. More of the same, really Head east to the train that indiaa took in the beginning Man, the Russians get all the cool gadgets.

First, use Indy to whip to the. This will disable the crane arm so you can punch it. Continue to disable and. A whip target will fall off the. After repairing, stick the whip target on it so Indy can. Needed: Wrench MuttSecurity Access General Ross. TA dolm - You should have just enough here, including the purple in the last. The idea here is to wiu two forklifts to put on indizna vehicle buttons. For the other, head to the right. One is up a ladder to the left, and.

Assemble the forklift and. Needed: Wrench MuttShovel and Security Access Russian Digger. Even then, this is a tough number to hit. Try to catch every falling stud and take out the dummies as soon as. First use the security hut with the Leog, then dig up the dig spot in the. Put the box and gears on the machine, then fix it, then. Assemble the the jonss to climb up to the veranda, then. Drop down into the kitchen, then move left through the. Assemble the couches and bounce up to the.

Destroy the tub in the back and climb the rope that results from. Needed: Wrench MuttFemale High Jump Inxiana Girl. You need to bust up everything in the diner and find ten. TA k - Pretty simple run

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Game tay du ky 2 mame

Lego indiana jones 2 wii temple of doom blue bricks

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 % Walkthrough Part 29 - Temple of Doom Hub Collectibles - Games - Ice Rink Cheat Unlocked (Find All 10 Blue Bricks). Easy Studs Tutorial: wintorrentiv.rue. LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues % walkthrough part characters, vehicles and. LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Cheats Red, Blue and Green Bricks Unlock Codes Xbox , PS3, Wii, PC | Submitted by GamesRadar (Silver) - Complete all Treasure Mode Levels in Temple of Doom Hub And I even.

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