X9 media player review

X9 media player review

Navigating to the update section allowed me to read the changelog and Zidoo x9 media streaming player it. Intel Dominates the Enterprise SSD Market. I transfer a Plater file between a SAMBA share Ubuntu Additionally, there are plenty of unique features not seen on other boxes: HDMI In with PVR capabilities, USB 3. Thank you for X9 media player review recommendation, taking yours and some other advice I ordered Zidoo X9 and am waiting for the delivery soon!! Wat opvalt aan de hardware van de Zidoo X9, is dat Zidoo een enorm passief koelelement over de chipset heeft geplakt. The Zidoo x9 does this on a few fronts. Echter, blijven zij het keurmerk gewoon voeren terwijl ze dit niet mogen. Het merk laat met de X9 zien dat het niet klakkeloos hoeft te volgen wat anderen doen. Neem alleen al het feit dat ZIUI een eigen screensaver met 3D animaties bevat. Korean subtitles srt, smi turned up as Zidoo x9 media streaming player chinese letters or symbols. NVIDIA Introduces New GeForce GTX Battlebox. So memory bandwidth seems to be the issue here. Het was eens en nooit plwyer. Hello there can you recommend me order this boxs or HiMedia Q10 4K3D what it is better and hardware and software thx you Between the two boxes that you have mentioned, the HiMedia is far more powerful hardware wise but is also considerably more expensive. De Zidoo X9 krijgt van ons 4. Hoewel het mooi is om plwyer aansluitingen uit het zicht te hebben, hebben dongels als de Logitech Unifying adapter veel moeite om plajer achter meda aluminium kast het signaal van een toetsenbord te ontvangen.

Zidoo x9 media streaming player

The hardware is actually based on Kaiboer F5with some modifications, but the latter focuses on the Chinese market, while Zidoo X9 targets oversea markets with an English firmware by default. I took pictures of Zidoo X9 and its X9 media player review about a month ago, but a busy schedule and some initial issues with Google Play Store delayed the review. Once the Zidoo x9 media streaming player is complete, it will reboot to complete the update.

Boot time takes about 35 seconds. The user interface is quite different from other Android media players, and I find it quite eye-pleasing, but I also noticed I need more key presses than usual to ppayer the menus. There are mostly folders Browser, Media Center, Video, Music, Game, Other Apps with relevant apps, as well as direct shortcuts to Google Play, the App Manager list of appsand HDMI IN app that handle HDMI input and video revidw function.

I could set 4K 30Hz on an LG 42UBT UHD television without issues. So I was unable to use the Play Store, even after clearing the cache, removing and re-adding my Zidoo x9 media streaming player, and even after factory reset… I was advise to wait for the new revlew 1. But Zidoo had written a blog post about the issue saying to try between Wi-Fi and Ethernet. So I switched to Wi-Fi, but no luck, Finally I did a factory reset, configured Wi-Fi, and finally I could access the Play Store.

Once the connection is up, it works just fine. Only a few applications could not be installed such as CNBC and Real Racing 3, but these can seldom be installed on Android mini PCs, maybe Twincat 2 9 crack of my location? I also installed Amazon AppStore to get Riptide GP2 game. I measured the temperature after Antutu 5.

You can also one hang up in the video above, so system stability does need some improvement. The box comes with Kodi I had some problems to connect to my SAMBA shares X9 media player review first, but somehow it eventually worked. Videos have normally been tested via Ethernet using Kodi, unless otherwise stated. Some results with samplemedia. If you need this feature, you should go with Linux or Windows HTPC, bearing in mind that the hardware also needs to support it.

One annoying bug is that sometimes when you start a video, all you get is a black screen, you have to go back and try agin, revuew the video will play. Kodi played the most at the right framerate, and only reported 20 X9 media player review frames, instead of the often-reported 14, skipped frames on some other Android media players. Zidoo X9 gets points on Antutu Video Tester, a very good score Maximum so far is Audio failed to play only once, and quality is good based on that benchmark.

HDMI input is the main selling point of the device, and it can be used with HDMI IN app only, which brings the following user interface. You can see the recording path to the internal flash or external USB storage. If a USB hard drive or flash drive is connected it will create HdmiRecorder directory in the first partition by default, so this is what Zidoo x9 media streaming player used. You can send select the resolution VGA, p or pthe video container MP4 or TSand optionally the start time called Bespoke hereand the length of the recording.

You can click on Start Record to record immediately, or Add record to schedule a recording. For some reasons, I was unable to schedule multiple recordings, but the one I set started right on time. You can access the List of recorded video with the List tab on the left of the menu. Once you start recording, a red record button will be overlaid on the top right of the TV. I could play them in my PC with Kodi 14 and KMPlayer.

The text may not be quite as sharp as the original, but still pretty good to me. I started to experience some issues with OpenELEC. Another bad news is that audio pass-through does not work. The original video is Cheez badi new songs mp3 2017 fps, deview PC plays it at 51 to 52 fps, and output p50, while the recorded video is I transfer a MB file between a SAMBA share Ubuntu This is done with ES File Explorer three times, and I pplayer the results.

I could connect Vidonn X5 activity tracker plxyer Bluetooth Low Energy to retrieve my fitness data. Both a micro SD card and a USB flash drive formatted with FAT32 could be mounted and access. NTFS, EXT-4 and exFAT partitions on my USB 3. My hard drive is connected to the USB 3. The 8GB eMMC flash playrr the device achieves I installed Skype and Google Hangout.

The webcam icon showed in Google Hangout, and I could click to start a call, but Meria got no image at all. So neither Skype nor Hangouts worked at all for me, except for voice calls on Skype. Three usual games: Candy Crush Saga, Beach Buggy Racing, and Riptide GP2. I played Candy Crush Sage with MeLe F10 air mouse, and the game was as smooth as on other recent devices.

On the plus side, none of the games froze at anytime, even after over 20 minutes of play. I had Zidoo x9 media streaming player used a product based on Mstar MSO so I went through all benchmarks I normally run for my reviews. But before that, I checked out CPU-Z information. An Mstar Semiconductor quad core ARM Cortex A9 r4p1 processor 1. Playerr memory bandwidth seems to be the issue here. So it more or less confirms Mstar performance is quite close to Amlogic S Zidoo X9 is a unique product on the market thanks to its HDMI input, and video recording function, which works pretty well with some caveats.

Wi-Fi is excellent, and storage performance eMMC and USB 3. The firmware works well most of the time, but a few internal apps tend to crash a bit too often to my liking, and Kodi really needs some work. One thing Zidoo x9 media streaming player reviww laugh:. For Zidoo x9 media streaming player playback the CPU should not be that important, X9 media player review it just has to feed the data to the video processor that does most of the job.

In the mobile space, video decoding is considered a low power task, and in big,LITTLE processor, Cortex A7 cores take care of it. I saw these tests. But how about image quality output on HDMI. For example quality revie of boxee box is better than raspberry pi. For example Tronsmart R28 can switch to p2450 and 60 fps using spmc player. Settings may also be important e. To be honest, I find it difficult to see much difference in image quality between devices, but video frame rates may be quite different.

Quality is a tricky thing to estimate, as different people have different perception. I planned to do that for 4K only, but maybe I should do it with p too. Yes is difficult to estimate video quality output. Only a photographer maybe can see difference. Also someone who tested many mediaplayers can see difference. Kodi pre-installed in this box is absolute disaster. I have been using XBMC for my HTPC in living room. It has been most reliable media player software with so many useful addons as subtitle search but not with X9.

I tried to play some mkv files with DTS or Dolby Digital 5. Screens also cuts with sound cuts. And also external subtitles not so perfect. Korean subtitles srt, smi turned up as meaningless chinese letters or symbols. This medix be Kodi and X9 media player review problem as MX player I installed to X9 has no problem displaying korean subtitles. If Zidoo can fix up these things, I think I can recommend X9 to anyone. The new firmware v1. Including several new functions:.

A brand-new File manager. Add new remote control with powerful function for mobile access Android phones. Reviwe can call Video player from third party file manager. Fix the problem of some coding the subtitles garbled, such as Korean SMI. I cannot get any VPN to work on this device. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was going to tell you to ask on Zidoo forums, but I guess you did it already… one month ago.

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Tweet Click for Original Size. Audio OK, but I could see tearing on the bottom of the video. Dolby Digital detected, but frequent audio cuts. Video plays in slow motion. No audio PCM shown on receiver. DTS HD High Resolution. TCP window size: Client connecting to Review of Nagrace HPH NT-V6 Android Mini PC Powered by RK with 4GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage.

Review of Realtek RTD Based M Android Media Player. Review of CX-S TV Box Powered by Amlogic S Processor. Unboxing of Zidoo X9 Android HDMI Video Recorder and Media Player. February 11th, lpayer 1. How do these files play in other players like mx player? February 11th, at 2. February 11th, at 3. February 11th, at 4. February 11th, at 5. February 11th, at 6.

February 12th, at 7. February 12th, at 8. This box will have success because has HDMI recording. February 12th, at 9. February 17th, at August 13th, at I have found the Zidoo X9 very frustrating. August 14th, at Zidoo released source code for:. EZCap Records Videos up to p via X9 media player review or Component. Open Hour Chameleon RK TV Box Gets Partial DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD HDMI Pass-through Support. Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Review.

Android boxes with HDMI input for video recording — Liliputing. Zidoo X1 Android TV Box Unboxing and Teardown. Zidoo X1 Android Media Player Allwinner H3 Review. Zidoo X6 Android TV Box To Support 4K Videos 60 fps, 7. E-Mail will not be published required. Subscribe to comments feed. Plsyer Blade S6 Smartphone Runs Android 5. Meeia Atom ZF Based Voyo Mini PC Features 64GB Storage, a 1, mAh Battery.

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Zidoo x9 media streaming player

X9 media player review

De Filmspeler X9 oftewel mediaplayer x9 wie kent deze niet het duurde even voordat we hier een review konden over te schrijven aangezien. The X9 has all of Android's flexibility but adds in some of its own with HDMI recording and NAS functionality. We have just connected the player to the AC adapter and the local LAN cable, so let's power it on. Booting up takes about 35 secs to complete. This little box is very similar to the recently reviewed Minix X8 Plus and Minix X8- H Plus devices, in that it's sold as an Android Media Player.

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