Best zombie games for windows phone

Best zombie games for windows phone

I too fell for the click bait Free zombie games for windows phone. As you defeat the zombies, you earn cash that can be used to upgrade and unlock new weapons, powerups and characters. Angry Birds: Star Wars. Report this game to Microsoft. Into the dead is also fun. In the style of casual games, Zombie Tsunami brings the opposite side of the story. So which games did we finally choose as our favorites? Cut the Rope: Experiments. Deus Ex GO UWP. Last Heroes — The Final Stand is an arcade shooter that plays out much like a tower defense game.

Free zombie games for windows phone

When we say outstanding, we mean it. The Windows Phone Store had so many fantastic new games this month that choosing our top 10 favorites was a monumental task — which we thoroughly enjoyed investigating. There were plenty of epic big name games, anticipated releases, and gorgeous indie gems to keep us busy all month long as we fired up our Lumias and immersed ourselves in captivating gameplay and top-notch graphics.

So which games did we finally choose as our favorites? Read on to find out! If you love puzzle games with superb graphics, Monument Valley from developer US Two is the perfect game for you. In this beautifully surreal 3D puzzler, you need to guide Princess Ida through a colorful world filled with intriguing architecture and hidden paths, manipulating the environment to help Ida make her way safely.

Kids of the 90s will appreciate this remastered version of the original 8-bit game, in which you join Scrooge in a global treasure hunt filled with adventure. The side-scrolling platformer features great gameplay and controls, as well as beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Bonus features such as the original voice actors from the television show and a variety of difficulty levels make DuckTales: Remastered a lovely trip down memory lane, adapted for the gaming conventions of today.

Our list windowx not be complete without the big follow-up to Halo: Spartan Assault. With an all-new story and 30 challenging levels, Halo: Spartan Strike is an exhilarating experience for old and new fans alike. Your elementary school teachers were right — math can be fun! Threes, the newly-released free puzzle game by indie developer Sirvo, is the proof. The premise of this critically-acclaimed game is simple: you slide numbered tiles on a grid, forming multiples of threes and aiming for the highest possible number.

The game is over Free zombie games for windows phone the grid is full. The numbers have their own characteristics game example, is a pirate adding a touch Best zombie games for windows phone charm to the game. The latest zomnie in the Hitman series comes from developer Square Enix Free zombie games for windows phone just might be one of the best examples of adapting gameplay to suit mobile gaming.

The puzzles are challenging and a ton of fun, especially with the inclusion of disguises and weapons that help you get your job done. This free Frogger-esque game will have you tapping to hop across dangerous streets and train tracks, dodging traffic as you make your way on an endless journey. There are tons of retro-styled characters to unlock and coins to be collected as you hop along through the endless arcade-style game, so download it today and get moving carefully, though.

Cut the Rope 2 Free zombie games for windows phone one of those games that is pure fun. Developed by Zeptolab, Cut the Rope 2 is the follow-up to the original Cut the Rope Best zombie games for windows phone just might be even better. With new characters, levels, and gameplay, this physics-based puzzler is sure to hit the sweet spot for anyone looking for a new addictive treat.

It sounds simple, but the puzzles get more difficult as you progress. Cut the Rope 2 is free, and a perfect choice for an entertaining time-killer. One of the best zombie apocalypse FPS games arrived on Windows Phone in the beginning of the month: Dead Trigger 2. Developed by Madfinger Games, the game offer hours of entertainment as you battle your way through hordes of terrifying zombies. There are 33 unique environments to explore, gameplay scenarios, and constant updates. The gameplay itself is phon intuitive and smooth, and the visuals are pretty spectacular and work to create a creepy atmosphere that will get your hands sweating just the right amount.

Dead Trigger 2 is free to play, but keep an eye out for in-app purchases. Looking for a challenging puzzle windowss with beautiful hand-drawn artwork? The Bridge offers fun gameplay that will have you scratching your head, with black and white artwork that might winows you of the art of M. To play, winvows need to solve puzzles by rotating the map in order to collect a key and open a door, while also battling gravity.

The puzzles can be surprisingly tough, but are interesting enough to keep you trying. The Bridge has been available on Xbox and Windows wondows the past, and just might be even more fun on mobile. The popular top-down arena shooter is a revamped version of the older PC game from developer 10tons, with new features and of course, tons of action. Fight off waves of enemies, try out new weapons, and gain experience as you last as long as you can against hordes of monsters.

Quest mode offers 60 missions and 5 survival modes, with lots of perks, weapons, and achievements. Tags Games of the month. May 5, pm. Our top 10 new Windows Phone games of April. By Microsoft Devices Team. New blockbuster games for Windows Phone. Just Windows Phone: Why Seepia Games loves Lumia best. Our top 10 new Windows Phone games of October. Our top 10 new Windows Phone games of April. Contact Best zombie games for windows phone Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy Statement.

Free zombie games for windows phone

Best zombie games for windows phone

In my opinion, there are many popular shooting games on phones, such as Modern Combat 4: DEAD TARGET: Zombie - Best Zombie Game ever. Brothers in. The Windows Phone Store had so many fantastic new games this month One of the best zombie apocalypse FPS games arrived on Windows. The main problem with gaming on Windows Phone devices isn't the hardware (which is generally very good) or the choice (fair, but improving. Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile: the very BEST games in the Store and best camera/media apps for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, here's Trouserheart · Valiant Heart: The Great War · Zombie Anarchy.

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