Html executable 4 6 1 crack

Html executable 4 6 1 crack

Pros It worked great when I tried it for a single PDF file: it produced an executable that was saved to the computer. Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say HTML Htnl is a useful Html executable 4 6 1 crack of software, with a feature-rich environment and an intuitive interface. Updated virtualization engine, PDF viewer engine. A new 24x24 icon image has been added for Windows Cons What you create with it in trial mode will work for 7 days and will have random nag screens. The status bar now bears a size grip if the main window is resizeable. There are executab,e few examples provided you can check out, as well as view compilation logs, run the publication, generate a setup package and an autorun. Previously there was only the Htmml hierarchy of menus. The following tab enables you to tweak the application settings, meaning you can modify the window caption and skin, enable the end user to resize window, show or hide caption buttons and glow frames, customize the menu, status, tool and contents bar, and the context menu. Improved built-in XML engine. Html executable 4 6 1 crack you are a registered user of HTML Executable 3. Updated: Nov 15th, Complete eBook branding options. PDF viewer: it is now possible not to highlight hyperlinks in PDF files. New content protection feature: it enables publications to protect their own onscreen window content from being captured or copied through screenshot utilities. Fixed "compression error" message when loading a corrupted state file. DOWNLOAD send us an update. This operation removes registration data from the computer and optionally permanently disables the registration key.

Html executable 4 6 keygen

HTML Executable is a versatile electronic publication and ebook authoring solution with powerful features. If you are a registered user of HTML Executable 3. If not, you can review execitable upgrade conditions. Follow us on Twitter. Sign up for our Html executable 4 6 keygen feeds. It is recommended to reset the Special Content list Content Filetypes to take account of recent changes for Windows 10, and to reset your system HTML executale. Runtime modules for version 4. Warning: publications made with previous versions of HTML Executable are not compatible with runtime modules shipped with version 4.

This does not apply to stand-alone publications and Self-Extracting publications. This video shows you how to protect your ebooks by locking pages in evaluation or trial mode. This is a good demonstration for Security Profiles. Watch the "Lock Pages in Trial Ebooks" video HTML Executable transforms not only HTML documents but also PDF files.

You can use HTML Executable which could be called PDF Executable in this case to convert a PDF file to a secure ebook application EXE for Windows. Bonus Track : the video shows you how you can create a custom icon for your ebooks thanks to GConvert, our icon editor. Watch the video We have released the updated activation kit available for free to all registered users of the Commercial edition. HTML Executable 4 can import projects made with previous 3.

However, some issues may occur. Due to the Unicode introduction, system HTML pages and resource strings are inevitably replaced by new ones. To prevent loss of data when you load a project saved with a 3. This Zip archive is created in the same folder as your. HEP project file and named [project filename]conversionbackup. This backup operation can be disabled in the Environment Options if you wish.

CHM To Exe import HTML Help. EPub to App rxecutable EPUB ebooks. Stay informed with RSS. Discover these features through our feature tour:. News and Executab,e History. News and change history. To stay informed about future versions:. It is automatically selected by HTML Executable for compressing source files larger than 1 MB. You can Html executable 4 6 1 crack enable it for any source file thanks to the new file property: " Use streaming-compatible compression method ".

Improved loading speed and memory usage when playing large audio and video files compressed in EXE files and not in external files. Fixed random thread deadlock when compiling or starting a new project on some computers. Removed the anti-debugger option which triggered some antivirus false positives. Improved scanning of source files when starting a new project. Warning: this can break existing hardware-locked keys, you will have to provide your end users with new hardware-locked registration keys.

New global variable "herestartwebupt" for Web Updates: now you have a way to notify users that their publication has been updated after a successful web update. Check the documentation for an example. Fixed: "Could not register tab" error at startup on Windows PC tablets. Improved: in some cases, a simple error message box is displayed now rather than the full error report dialog box. Updated virtualization engine, PDF viewer engine. Compatibility for projects made with previous versions of HTML Executable.

New Web Update feature: it enables publications to check for updates, download them and automatically install them. A Web Update Wizard guides end users through the updating process. No additional software is required, but you must have a web server where to host public update files generated by HTML Executable. Watch our video tutorial about web update Html executable 4 6 1 crack ebooks. Publications can automatically check for updates at startup. New global HEScript crackk to trigger a check for updates: Global.

This can be invoked from menu items or toolbar buttons for instance. New ability to encrypt external files : if you decide to keep large source files such as audio and video files outside of the publication as external filesyou may still want to protect them against copy. HTML Executable can encrypt external files so that these files can only be opened by the publication.

This is a security feature that will 11 avoid unwanted copying of your publication resources. It works with large files, especially media files such as HTML5 video MP4 format and audio. New " Encrypt external files " option in the File Manager to display the " Encrypt external files " utility. The latter allows you to decide which external files you want to protect with encryption.

Improved behavior when reading external files. HTML Executable now displays an error report when an unexpected error occurs and, after user acceptance, HTML Executable can send this error report directly to our support team for review. Updated EXE overheads to remove code that could trigger Html executable 4 6 keygen positives in some antivirus programs. New option "Use virtualization for the runtime module" set off by default to minimize the risk of false positives in some antivirus programs.

New Table of Contents property to allow only one visible panel at a time: CloseIfSearchPanelOpens lets you mimic the default behavior of CHM files. New option to disable the "View Commands" panel of the built-in PDF viewer. Our code signing utility now looks for certificates both in current user and local machine stores. New "Reset with default list" button to fill the forbidden programs blacklist with pre-defined items.

Hyphens and other non-numeric characters are ignored in short registration keys. This lets you make registration keys such as instead of Fixed task dialog sizing problem in Windows 10 anniversary update. Improved occurrence count of the Html executable 4 6 1 crack Search feature. Exevutable incorrect EXE version information random bug. Fixed infinite loop bug that could occur when starting a new project "creating XML structure" wait dialog box.

GetHEScriptCom JavaScript call bug. Improved letter confusion detection in registration keys. Improved invalid character detection in fields to avoid system Html executable 4 6 1 crack code "The data area passed to a system call is too small". Ceack event named OnWindowCloseQuery is now added to UserMain by default. Fixed bug that could lead to incorrect "Runtime error " and "HTML Executable corrupted DLL runtime Module" error messages on some computers.

Fixed: some Self-Extracting publication options were not saved in exceutable project file. Fixed: Self-Extracting publications were acting weird with recent versions of FireFox. Fixed: PDF bookmarks were not shown at startup even if the option was enabled. Added a xrack button to the toolbar of the built-in PDF viewer, which lets users navigate back. Fixed: some external links were not working in PDF files displayed with the built-in PDF viewer.

Download sertifikat nokia 112 problem to burn the Enky SL dongle on Windows Fixed: HTML Executable Web Update did not properly unpack 7z archives. Improved loading of large MP4 video files on Windows Updated virtualization engine, HEScript engine, PDF viewer engine, HTML viewer engine. Updated Spanish, English and French language files with several new resource strings related to the new Web Update feature.

Updated documentation and new topics: How to call a javascript function? Fixed "invalid registration key" random bug. EXE PE header checksum now correctly updated. The Cleanup utility now takes account of personalized user preference folder. Added a "Copy to clipboard" button to the key generator so that only the registration key is copied. Fixed: some encrypted external files execufable not be properly rendered.

You should also review new resource strings if you manage your own language files. New content protection feature: it enables publications to protect Html executable 4 6 1 crack own onscreen window content from being captured or copied through screenshot utilities. If someone tries to capture the window, the latter will appear black. The feature is only available on Windows 7 Desktop Window Manager must be enabled and later.

Learn more about Html executable 4 6 keygen content protection against screenshots. New "If Content Protection cannot be activated, show an error message and exit publication" option to ensure that your ebook will only work if Content Protection is active. New software blacklisting feature : you can manage a list of forbidden programs such as screenshot capture software, screen gabbers and other screencorder software. It is possible to provide process names and keywords to search in all active window titles.

When a forbidden program is found, the publication exits. New Main Menu button that appears in main window title in order to replace menu bars. This will give a modern look to your publications. New Search Html executable 4 6 1 crack that allows users to type their search query directly. Search results are now displayed on the right side except in RTL mode, on the left Html executable 4 6 1 crack. New option executabl show or hide the search box.

New option in the "New Publication" wizard that lets you create a modern Windows like application without menu bar, with Windows 10 skin and application menu button. The HTML5 video tag now works properly on Windows New HTML5 MP4 video demo and topic in HTML Executable Help file. Improved behavior on Windows New option to use short digit registration keys instead of normal ones. Be sure to upgrade your registration key generators with new versions if you use this option in your publications.

The Table of Contents now Html executable 4 6 1 crack PNG images and alpha transparency for image items. New Table Html executable 4 6 keygen Contents image editor which also imports PNG images and bitmap strips. SHA2 code signing and dual SHA1-SHA signatures are now handled. Time stamping uses "RFC compatible" timestamp server in addition to Authenticode timestamp server when possible. You can configure your own timestamp servers in the Environment Options.

It is now possible to use certificates available from the Windows Certificate Store based on Subject Name or Thumbprint. Links to bookmarks in Htmp files are now supported. The PDF Viewer sample has been upgraded to show new features bookmark jump, external URLs New option to remember last current page of PDF files. Context menus are now always disabled in popup windows unless you set the global variable named "heenablectxmenuforpopup" to "1".

The status bar now bears a size grip if the main window is resizeable. You can now type the path of the source folder in the "New Project Wizard" or drag and drop the homepage file. New "Paste From Clipboard" button in Activation screens: you must reset system HTML pages in order to make it appear. New DisableHTTPNegociateProtocol property for IE Browser component.

It offers a possible workaround if your publication uses Flash and you have troubles: frozen or not responding application, EXE that hangs and so on. Change: the built-in server is now enabled by default. It is recommended to reset the Special Content list Content Filetypes to take account executabke recent changes for Windows A new 24x24 icon image has been added for Windows Added support for WOFF2 fonts and SVG files.

Useful for RTL languages. New main window option: "No DPI aware flag: use Windows dpi scaling". This will modify the manifest resource embedded in EXE files automatically: no need to do it yourself. New "Open Destination Folder" button on the compilation log page. New OnRestoreFromTray HEScript event. Html executable 4 6 keygen Java applet support with recent Oracle JVM security changes.

The help topic tells you how to get your Java applets working. Better Htl when processing large publications project creation, compilation Zoom is also applied to popup windows, dialog boxes and HTML panels. New Windows 10 notifications when a build is finished. Fixed problems with large Self-Extracting publications. Fixed context menu in script editor. Fixed: EXE does not close if Validation fails. Improved High DPI and per monitor-DPI aware support. Better compatibility with protection software such as Obsidium: search for Obsidium in the documentation.

Updated HEScript scripting, engine skin engine, PDF viewer engine, HTML viewer engine. Updated documentation and help file. New resource strings: Ypaste, SErrorCopyProtectFailed, SErrorForbiddenProgramDetected. Files are now signed with SHA2 signatures. Updated Spanish, English and French language files. Lots of internal changes and improvements. New in old HTML Executable releases. Fixed: main window size always increased at startup.

Lowered memory requirement for compressing runtimes "Memory Error" problem. New FAQ about inserting a company logo or custom image in the About box. Fixed: PDF thumbnails panel was not displayed in HTML viewer publications. Fixed: links with PDF bookmarks were ignored in HTML viewer publications. Reduced runtime file size. Support for new image formats for the splash screen. Support for alpha-blended PNG images - non-rectangular splash screens.

Use bit PNG to benefit from semi-transparency. Improved support for large DPI screens for both HTML Executable and publications. New "Output Format" page in HTML Executable with new option "Keep the runtime outside executahle EXE file". This is a workaround for the "out of memory" compilation error. Content Filetypes: new option "extract and open it in application". Support for Paquet Builder 3 to create Setup packages and uninstallers for your publications. Support for JBIG2 image format in PDF.

New Spanish language file for publications. PDF Html executable 4 6 keygen engine updated. HTML Viewer engine updated. Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 and incoming Windows Improved support for Google fonts use WOFF files. Html executable 4 6 keygen Enky SL and LC dongle support. New global variables HEDongleLicCount, HEDongleTrialDay and HEDongleExpirationDate to show expiry time of SL dongles.

Fixed Toc font size problem in HTML Viewer publications with large DPI. Fixed: when closing, the publication could stay in memory in XP with the PDF viewer enabled. Fixed: incorrect month setting for SL dongles. Several documentation topics were updated to cover some problems such as Flash loading on Windows 8, out of memory error Html executable 4 6 1 crack compiling large publications Improved support for Enky SL dongles and dongle compatibility with our Excel protection tool XLS Padlock.

PDF viewer engine updated: some minor problems fixed and graphics are rendered in higher quality mode. Fixed: disabling F5 refresh in IE Html executable 4 6 keygen disabled the "t" keystroke in form fields too. Fixed "compression error" message when loading a corrupted state file. Improved support for optical zoom in IE publications and new "Reset zoom" menu. Publications will now remember the zoom value at next start new StoreOpticalZoomValue property for IE Browser component in Visual Controls.

Added execuatble for Enky SL dongles. Publications can now automatically load external resource exxecutable not compiled into the EXE file : you exwcutable for instance have image and media files outside the EXE file in the same folder or a subfolder. If an HTML executabe references image1. New option for PDF viewer: Disable Page Thumbnails panel. Removed unnecessary "Internal Name" from EXE version info in stand-alone publications.

New versions of the script engine, HTML parser, HTML Viewer engine, skin engine, compiler. Improved interface for viewing thumbnails and bookmarks of PDF files. Fixed Windows global atom problem. New resource strings: SMenuResetZoom, Executzble, SDongleLicenseError and SDongleLicenseExpired. New HEScript functions: SetOpticalZoom and GetOpticalZoom only for IE publications. Html executable 4 6 keygen bug when starting new projects no valid eexecutable bitmap. Updated PDF viewer engine.

Updated built-in HTML viewer engine. Fixed possible popup flickering problems in Webbrowser publications. Fixed "Invalid Document: unexpected text in file prolog at position 1" bug when loading projects on some computers. Fixed possible corruption bug when saving projects. Fixed "Cannot load PDF viewer engine" problem when running publications from network drives. Fixed random "Cannot change Visible in OnShow or OnHide" problem when using online validation.

New HEScript function: OpenFileAdv that lets you run EXE files that require administrative rights. Minor improvements and fixes. You can now import ebooks in EPUB format in HTML Executable thanks to the new add-on "EPUB to App". The add-on can be installed with the Web Update utility, or download EPub to App here. New splash screen options: faster display, more image formats handled such as Html executable 4 6 1 crack, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIF. Added proxy server support for cfack and validation.

A proxy server can be configured with the new command line argument "setproxy". XHTML and XHTM files are now recognized as pages by HTML Executable. Removed default "Page XX sur XX" header on printed documents IE publications. Fixed "tfwizard -1" error and other startup errors related to a corrupted "heprefer. Fixed map ID bug when passed with command line. Improved MacroOpenFile macro command. Updated PDF rendering engine. Updated built-in XML engine.

CHM To EXE add-on updated: you can now import HTML Help files as HTML Executable projects. Improved HTML parser: HTML Executable now properly parses HTML pages with charsets such as Asian Character Sets, Cyrillic Character Sets For HTML pages without charset meta tag, you can define the default charset that should be used. Fixed popup problem in stand-alone IE publications.

Fixed problem with corrupted Web Update utility. Updated sxecutable bitmap strips. Compatibility with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 improved. HTML5 and CSS 3 are now supported when IE9 or IE10 are installed default on Windows 8. New: support for dongle protection. You can now lock your publication to a dongle so that each time your publication is run, it will check for the presence of the crackk.

If the right dongle is found, the publication will be opened, otherwise it will not run. New security restriction "If the document is cravk PDF file, allow access to X pages". This option lets you limit the number of pages a user can access in PDF documents. It works with security profiles and it will be suitable for users who want to offer a ececutable preview of a PDF file in a Trial publication for instance. New Office like skins. New publication EXE format compatible with third-party software protection tools.

Improved search engine: speed was improved while sorting results from PDF files. It is now possible to disable search relevance for PDF files. Fixed path problems with some popups in IE publications. Fixed non-working Return and Backspace keys in some Flash movies. Fixed possible "Incorrect folder ccrack error on non-English Windows versions. Fixed the possible system error "not enough memory to process the command". New versions of the script engine, XML execufable, HTML parser, HTML Viewer engine, skin engine.

PDF engine updated handle PDF files with wrong page height definitions, improved rendering New resource strings: SDongleInvalidProductID, SDongleAPIError, SDongleNotFound, SDongleHardwareError, SDongleIncompatible, SDongleInvalidDongle, SDongleInvalidCheck. Improved search engine: search results are now sorted by relevance and number of occurrences are displayed can be disabled thanks to the new HESearchRelevanceNoDisplay global variable.

PDF viewer: it is now possible not to highlight hyperlinks in PDF files. New remote validation method: you can now validate registration keys every X times. Updated PDF engine: minor improvements. Updated built-in HTML Viewer engine. SFX publications: another bug at startup fixed. Html executable 4 6 keygen files were updated. New HEScript function: RandomRange. It generates a random Integer number. New resource string: STimes.

HTML Executable is now compatible with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Internet Explorer 10 Preview. The PDF viewer now displays the title of PDF files in the titlebar and no more the filename. Improved PDF Viewer: you can now link to specific pages by number or named locations. New Html executable 4 6 keygen commands: PDFViewerCommand and PDFViewerCommandStr to send commands to the PDF viewer engine for advanced users only.

New HEScript event in UserMain script: OnPDFDisplay. This event is called when the PDF viewer loads Html executable 4 6 keygen displays the PDF whose path is given by PDFPath. New: the search engine can parse PDF files even if the built-in Html executable 4 6 keygen viewer is disabled. Added support for TRegistry to the HEScript scripting engine.

Fixed random bug at startup in Self-Extracting publications. Fixed: stand-alone publications did not read command line parameters properly. Fixed: the global password mask field did not work. Fixed: JavaScript URLs are no more displayed in status bars when Executwble is set to False. Improved popup behavior: popup windows are now independent from the main window. Updated PDF engine: improved handling of Vrack files Html executable 4 6 keygen corrupt font information.

The documentation and samples will be localized too in the future. You can now load exwcutable PDF files directly Html executable 4 6 keygen the publication thanks to the HEScript command named "LoadPDFFromFile". The activation process displays more error messages when it fails. Fixed: popup and window issues in stand-alone IE publications. Fixed: words were not correctly indexed if you unchecked "Use default word delimiters based on Unicode categories". JavaScript URLs are no more displayed in status bars when AutoShowURLs is set to False.

Updated skin engine and skins. New skins available: iOS4 Aero2, Win8 Aero and Android Aero. Minor updates and improvements. New video available January 3rd, Watch the "Lock Pages in Trial Ebooks" video. HTML Executable now generates real stand-alone EXE files. Previously, the runtime module was only merged into the EXE file and it was unpacked to the temporary folder at runtime.

This behavior was misinterpreted by some antivirus programs. New Authenticode code signing utility: you do not have to download and install SignTool yourself anymore. Improved HTML viewer engine lots of changes and improvements. Improved PDF viewer engine lots Html executable 4 6 keygen changes and improvements, especially for image decoding and color spaces.

Improved built-in XML engine. You can now Htnl a PDF file as homepage and HTML Executable can create an adapted project "PDF to EXE" case. See this video tutorial: PDF to ebook software tutorial. EXE Version Information: version number format is no more restricted for instance, you can enter 1. Optimization when loading very large TOCs.

Added NoMultiThreading option to disable multi-threading support in IE publications. Only useful for troubleshooting purposes with some Flash movies in Windows XP. HTML Executable now displays time elapsed during compilation. Several minor bug fixes and improvements. Transform your PDF files into Windows applications November 12th, HTML Executable transforms not only HTML documents but also PDF files. We have published a video on Youtube in HD format. Full compatibility Html executable 4 6 keygen our ebook protection service Protect Ebook.

Fixed deactivation error message when the remote Html executable 4 6 1 crack could not be reached. Fixed problem related to PDFs with links to other PDFs. Fixed popup-related problems in IE publications. Activation Kit available October 22nd, We have released the updated activation kit available for free to all registered users of the Commercial edition. This activation kit is compatible with HTML Executable 4. You can download it from the account page.

Added page rotation commands to the built-in PDF viewer. Please note that this feature is not compatible with text selection. New menu commands named "Zoom In" and drack Out" for IE publications, allowing users to increase or decrease the optical zoom. You can enable or disable them with the "IE Browser" property: AllowModifyOpticalZoom.

As an HTML Executable customer, you can purchase a valid code signing certificate at a discounted price from our partner, K Softwarea Comodo Strategic Partner. New resource strings: SYes, SNo, SMenuZoomIn, SMenuZoomOut. Improved script runtime engine. Fixed MessageDlg bug showing No instead of OK button. If you edit the source code of dialog boxes, now the HTML source code is stored as UTF Remember that only UTF-8 is accepted in dialog boxes.

Fixed "access violation" bug when an error occurred during activation or validation for Trial publications. New in HTML Executable v4. HTML Executable 4 is an important major release with improvements in all areas. New PDF cracj sample. Full Unicode support and new interface. HTML Executable and publications are now fully Unicode-enabled. This is an important change that forced a complete Htnl of several parts of HTML Executable.

Some restrictions may apply, especially regarding the HTML Viewer engine see its topic in the documentation. New ribbon-like user interface. Several options are more accessible. Project settings, XML files are stored in UTF-8 format. The "New Project" wizard has an improved layout. Project files are now given the extension ". The HEPX project format is a Zip archive containing XML, HTML and Execurable data. New built-in PDF viewer for publications. HTML Executable now lets you integrate a stand-alone PDF viewer in your publications.

The built-in PDF engine handles almost all PDF documents fine. PDF files created by popular printer drivers, Microsoft Office or OpenOffice should be displayed and printed fine. However, PDF files created by imaging tools may not be properly displayed. Thumbnails, bookmarks, text selection, page printing, page navigation, execjtable in and out functions are available. The new PDF viewer lets you keep your PDF documents as secure as possible: they are no more unpacked to the hard disk, so they cannot be copied.

PDF are indexed by Html executable 4 6 1 crack search engine like HTML pages and included in search results optionally. Security profiles can be applied to PDF documents too: you can define user rights like text copying, page printing End users can add PDF documents exrcutable their favorites. Compact: the PDF engine will add less than 2 Mb to your publication EXE file.

It is possible to create "PDF only" publications: HTML Executable can work like exevutable PDF to EXE software. Publication and HTML rendering engines. HTML Viewer publications have an improved rendering engine. Your applications will now render HTML content with the new Trident MSHTML engine provided with IE9 if the latter is installed. New multithreading support for IE publications, allowing them to display pages faster. Allows your application to use GPU Rendering mode hardware acceleration.

By default, it will use Software Rendering mode. When set to False defaultwebpages are displayed in IEn Standards mode, regardless of the! When set to True, only webpages containing standards-based! DOCTYPE directives are displayed in IEn mode. Added IE7 compatibility mode option: if you want your application to use the IE7 rendering engine, even if IE8 or IE9 is set up. New Content Filetypes feature: you can Html executable 4 6 keygen define whether third-party resources such as SWF, MP3, FLV, MP Virtualization is a great feature, allowing you to keep files in memory so that they cannot be copied.

Lets you change the User Agent of the browser. Improved page printing options. Enhanced popup support for IE publications, new noresize creation parameter. New progress animation while loading large files. The search engine was highly improved in order to work with Unicode. HTML Executable now correctly parses HTML pages encoded in foreign languages.

Words are stored in the index in UTF-8 format. New word delimiter dictionary based on Unicode character categories. There is a special option to split Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters. Fixed security profile problems with pages in subfolders. New option: store global password once on machine or USB stick if portable publication. By associating the expiration date to a version number, you have a way to reset the global expiration once a new version of the software is released.

Trial ebooks - Activation, Deactivation and Validation. The HTML Executable Activation Kit available to owners of the Commercial edition has been updated for Unicode changes data is now exchanged in UTF-8 format and new features. New Automated Deactivation feature: in cases of refund requests or computer changes, you can let an end user deactivate the publication. This operation removes registration data from the computer and optionally permanently disables the registration key.

HTML Executable can handle automated deactivation too if you work with online activation: with our Protect Ebook. Automated deactivation increases the number of allowed activations. If the automated deactivation fails, an uninstall code is generated and displayed to the end user and copied to the clipboard too. This uninstall code is the proof that the executxble was successful. You can verify the integrity of the uninstall code thanks to the new "Check uninstall code" function in the HTML Executable Activation Kit.

New Validation feature: the publication can periodically executabel whether the registration key of the end user is still valid or whether it is blocked. For instance, in case of fraudulent purchases, you can remotely block access to your publication. Important: end users must have an Internet connection for cravk validation. Execufable can define which action should be performed when the validation is unsuccessful.

This feature is only available if online activation is chosen, so it will work with our Protect Ebook. You can now add an Html executable 4 6 1 crack this program" menu command in your publication. Previously, Html executable 4 6 keygen users had to use the nag screen at startup to unlock the program. In the same manner, you can have a "Deactivate this program" menu command in your publication.

Previously, end users had to use the command line to deactivate their key. Fixed possible system ID modifications when using CPU ID. New HEScript events in the UserMain script: OnKeyNotValidated and OnKeyValidation. Improved compression method and publication file storage. Although you can now create publications larger than 2 GB, we recommend you to ceack your ebook EXE files as small as possible. Self-Extracting publications now executanle work with Firefox or Google Chrome portable editions.

New HEScript support for IE zoom IE publications only : you can configure the optical zoom percent, see the documentation. Built-in execcutable improved to handle Java applets and JRE 6. Please keep in mind that not all Java applets may work. You can design dialog boxes Html executable 4 6 1 crack such as the About dialog box executzble create a template. Replace this default template with yours. Second-level menus can be created. Previously there was only the first hierarchy of menus.

Now you can have a secondary item under a child item opening up. This will help you to have more menu links. The Dependencies feature of HTML pages was improved: you can select several files at once to be dependencies, and choose whether they should be unpacked to memory or to the hard disk. File Manager: "Clean" can now remove empty folders.

Fixed bug with "Display a maximized window" option. Updated internal XML engine. Improved error handling while compiling. Improved virtualization system for third-party files. Improved HTML source code editor with better syntax highlighting, auto-line numbers New HEScript function to modify the TOC dynamically: LoadTOCfromXMLFile and RefreshTOC. It can be associated to a Boolean HEScript function. Scripting improvement - HEScript language.

New script engine handling Unicode. New HEScript built-in functions:. SelectDirectory: asks the end user for a folder. GetSpecialFolderPath: lets you retrieve Windows system paths. ManageWaitForm: lets you display a wait message dialog box. Custom dialog boxes are ignored: please import them again. Fields have an ID attribute now for JavaScript manipulations. There are several new resource exefutable. Deactivation feature: the "uninstall code" generator script esecutable modified.

HEScript functions STRENCODEBINHEX and STRDECODEBINHEX Html executable 4 6 keygen removed. Skins now have the ". SKN" extension and no more ". Skins were updated and some of them were removed. The "Custom" toolbar button is now removed by default. When importing a project, it becomes "user-editable" so that you can remove it if you do not use it. HTML Executable Features What others are saying Screenshots Video and Screencasts Skins for your Ebooks.

Download HTML Executable More Samples PDF to Ebook executahle to Apps and Ebooks CHM To EXE. Store - My Account. Store - Buy Now HTML Html executable 4 6 1 crack - Editions My Account Activation Kit Protect Ebook. Contact Us News and Change History Online Documentation ExeOutput for PHP About this website.

Html executable 4 6 keygen

Html executable 4 6 1 crack

html executable crack or serial. 5/ 1 / 6 Comments. Нажмите здесь, чтобы задать произвольный HTML. 6 Comments · sgsgd link. 6 / 4 / 57. 4 out of 5 based on 1 ratings for HTML Executable not supply any crack, patches, serial numbers or keygen for HTML Executable,and. Html, Executable, 1,full,version,download,including, crack, serial, keygen., Downloads,v .exe”,to,get,Valid, serial, for,registering,application.,3-,Done..,Enjoy,this,full.,Download,, . Adobe Captivate 6 (64 Bit) CRACK (WORKS FULL).rar. HTML Executable turns Web sites into self-running eBooks format (stand- alone Version 1 has fixed bugs and updated PDF viewer engine.

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